Learn to Square Dance!

Lessons are starting for modern square dancing.

SQUARE DANCING is fun! It is mentally challenging, as well as a superb aerobic excercise.

The free open house nights Are now over, but lessons continue each Tuesday for 5$ each. New students are accepted up until October 12.

View the current lesson progress

Lesson Progress

Singles are welcome. Dress is casual.

WHEN: Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 PM, Angel workshop at 8:30

WHERE: United Church of Christ

283 Main Street North

Southbury, CT

COVID19 restrictions apply!

Rocking Roosters Squaredance Club

For Information Please Call:

Jan or Ron - 203-926-0873

Carol or Dave - 203-586-9574

Email to dance@rrsdc.org

Check this video! Square Dance Fun!